10 ideas for a rainproof midsummer

Plan for Midsummer weather

Typical midsummer weather, an expression well used in Sweden. But what is typical Midsummer weather and what can you do to prepare for a rainproof midsummer celebration?

If you visit Sweden around Midsummer you might witness the phenomenon of people moving tables, chairs and food in and out of the house depending on whether it rains or not. As soon as the sun is out so are the Swedes, but when the rain drops starts to fall they quickly move the party indoors and so it continues, back and forth…. If you live in the suburban areas you can be sure to see white party tents in almost every garden around midsummer. As typical midsummer weather can best be described as an ongoing mix of sun, heavy clouds and rain.

1. Keep track of the weather forecast

The weather might not always match the forecast but it is always better to be prepared. Download a good weather app and be ready for rain.

2. Rainproof your venue

Be prepared for rain even if promised sun. Midsummer is best celebrated outside but you should make sure you have a place to escape the rain. If you don’t have a natural place to get out of the rain, it can be a good idea to rent or buy a party tent. But remember to plan ahead as there is a huge demand for party tents around midsummer.

3. Rainproof your table

A midsummer table

The table setting is of course important to set the mood for the day. Mix and match romantic flowers with the colors of the Swedish flag. If rain is on the forecast, use it for inspiration and be creative with your table setting. A fun feature can be to use umbrellas as hanging decorations. Match the Swedish flag and choose yellow or blue umbrellas. Dress them up in flowers and hang them from the ceiling. It is both a beautiful and creative way to decorate with inspiration from the weather. Find more creative ideas on how to decorate here. And remember that to use tables that are easy to move around if needed.

4. Rainproof your BBQ or buffet

Midsummer food

First of all, make sure that the midsummer buffet is under cover so you do not have to move it around if surprised by rain. And if you have been lucky enough to avoid rain during the day you can be sure it will start as soon as it is time for the evening barbecue. You don’t want to leave your appointed BBQ master out in the rain so make sure to protect him under an umbrella. A large golf umbrella from Rain and Son protects both the food and the chef.

5. Rainproof your outfit

Midsummer girl with a blue and yellow umbrella

If you spend time picking out your Midsummer outfit you don’t want to hide it under a hideous umbrella or old rain jacket. Match your outfit with a nice umbrella from our classic collection. Why not choose an umbrella that goes hand in hand with the colours of our beautiful Swedish flag. Choose between a light blue umbrellas or a shimmering yellow umbrella.

6. Rainproof your shoes

Cute summer shoes in all glory, but how many shoes have been ruined dancing around the midsummer pole in rain. It is always a good idea to bring a rainproof alternative. There are many nice rain boots to choose from, a popular alternative are the Hunter boots. The best thing about Hunter is that they have many colors that can be matched with a colorful umbrella from Rain & Son.

7. Rainproof your guests

Midsummer dance in rain

Most of your midsummer guests will probably bring their own umbrella, but it can be good to have some in reserve for those who forget.

8. Rainproof games

A midsummer without games is like a Christmas without Santa. If you can’t be out and enjoy more classic midsummer games, you can always be creative with indoor games. Why not charades, quizzes, dance stops or old classics like the musical chairs or spinning the bottle. The most important thing is to have some well-prepared alternatives if outdoor games are out of the question.

9. Add Light

Midsummer nights are normally light but if the rain falls it can be a bit dark so you might want to create a romantic and lighter atmosphere with the help of candles. Rain and fire don’t match so go for LED candles. There are plenty of stores that sell good and not too costly LED candles, you can even get them at your nearest IKEA.

10 And remember there is no such thing as bad weather only…

A bad attitude. Last but most importantly, embrace the rain. Smile, have fun and dance in the rain. Happy Midsummer!

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