We are very happy and proud that numerous magazines, papers and internet sites have written about Rain & Son and our beautiful umbrellas. Below you can find some examples

Red Rain and Son umbrella

Swedish magazine Aftonbladet recommends you bring a compact umbrella from Rain and Son on your trip.

A white classic umbrella by Rain and Son

A beautiful white umbrella from Rain and Son featured in Elle Travel Magazine.

Rain and Son umbrellas in Femina

Swedish magazine Femina features our classic umbrellas for a nice city walk.

Rain and Son Umbrellas in a Magazine

Swedish magazine Hänt Extra highlights our large colourful classic umbrellas in one of their magazines.

A wedding umbrella in a magazine

A beautiful and sophisticated classic white umbrella from Rain and Son suggested as the perfect wedding umbrella by LifeStyle Wedding Magazine.

SVD Perfect Guide Rain and Son Umbrellas

SVD perfect Guide recommends one of Rain and Son’s umbrellas as the perfect protection from rain. Find all our classic umbrellas here.