Rainproof your wedding

Planning gets you a long way

When planning your dream wedding there are numerous details to think of. What wedding gown to wear, how to wear your hair, who to invite, what food to serve etc. Most brides and grooms dream of clear sky and sunny vibes on their big day, but unfortunately, that is not always the case.

As we all know, weather cannot be planned. That is why you should not forget the most important plan of them all, your rain plan. Most importantly, if you spent hours planning your look you don’t want to spoil it by having to add a worn-out umbrella or raincoat to protect your hair and clothes from the pour-down. A beautiful and classic wedding umbrella can help save any outfit and add grace to your wedding photos.

10 Ideas for a waterproof wedding

Just embrace the idea of rain on your wedding day and make sure you have everything covered, literally. Being in the rain business we know the importance of always being prepared for weather changes and as the wedding season gets closer we would like to share some ideas on what to think of when planning your rain proof wedding.

1. The Venue

Make sure the location has a place where you can hide away from rain. Preferably the venue should be able to host you both outside and inside. If you have planned a full outdoor wedding, make sure to leave room to rent a good party tent in your budget. You don’t want to find yourself stranded with your guests in the rain.

2. Rainproof Wedding Decorations

Embrace the rain on your wedding and be creative with your decorations. If you have a party tent to decorate, why not use umbrellas as hanging decorations. Dress them up in flowers and hang them from the sealing. It is both beautiful and a creative way of using the weather to decorate. Find lots of creative ideas on how to use umbrellas to decorate your wedding.

3. Keeping your head dry – Rain proof Wedding Umbrellas

Picking out your outfit for your special day is often a quite time-consuming task, especially for the bride to be. Finding the right dress, making sure it fits perfectly and matching it with your partner. With all this time spent on finding the right outfit for your wedding you don’t want to risk ruin your wedding dress or suit by getting caught in rain. Make sure you plan for rain and get yourself a beautiful wedding umbrella to match your outfit. If you prefer a classic white wedding umbrella, this is the umbrella for you. If you prefer some patterns the Magnolia umbrella from Rain and Son is your perfect choice, beautiful and classical.

4. Keeping your feet dry – Rain proof wedding shoes

Rain boots

Rain on your wedding day might call for you to rethink some of your choices. Cute white shoes might not be the best choice, at least not while being outside. Just embrace the rain and find alternatives that sparkle and gives you style. There is a growing trend of brides and their wedding party to choose to wear the popular Hunter Wellies to keep their feet dry and their style intact. The best thing is that Hunter has some beautiful colors which can be matched with a colourful umbrella from Rain & Son.

5. The Wedding Party

Don’t forget your maid of honor, bridesmaids, the best man and the groomsmen. And of course, your little flower girls or page boys in your wedding party. They need a rain cover as well. Why don’t get them umbrellas to match the colours of your wedding decorations or flowers. There are plenty of choices, just pick your favorite colour and find a matching umbrella. A popular choice being this classic purple umbrella from Rain & Son.

6. The Wedding Guests

Most guests will most likely bring their own umbrella, but it might be good to have a few spare ones for the guests who forgot.

7. The Wedding Photos

Not many couples wish for rainy wedding photos. But cheer up, rain and clouds can be the best weather for wedding photos and the light can make them truly magical. But again, you need to make sure you don’t destroy your wedding gowns while posing for the photographer. Instead pick a nice wedding umbrella to hide under while the photographer makes their magic. A beautiful umbrella can add real grace to your wedding photos. Find some inspiration for beautiful wedding photos in the rain here.

8. Waterproof yourself

No matter how much time you spend on finding a waterproof venue, picking out the right wedding umbrella and wellies you cannot forget to waterproof yourself. Weddings tends to bring out tears of joy so make sure you use a waterproof mascara and bring some nice-looking tissues for yourself and your guests.

9. Add Light

Rain tend to make the sky and surroundings darker so you might want to create a romantic and lighter atmosphere with the help of candles. Rain and fire don’t match so go for LED candles. There are plenty of stores that sell good and not too costly LED candles, you can even get them at your nearest IKEA.

10 A Smile Gets You a Long Way

Last but most importantly, embrace the rain. Don’t let it spoil your day. As proven above there are plenty of ways to waterproof your wedding day but no matter what you do, you get a long way with a good attitude. You make your own memories and you certainly want to make great memories from your wedding day, so enjoy the moment no matter the weather.

Photos cred to: photo-nic.co.uk nic, CHUTTERSNAP, Joel Overbeck, Maxwell Kappel, Gabriel Crismariu, freestocks on Unsplash

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