Yellow Compact Reflective Umbrella


This compact umbrella with a reflective stripe will keep you dry as well as visible in the dark. The small umbrella is easy to bring and store in your bag until it starts to rain. When fully opened the large panel of the compact umbrella opens to a diameter of 103 centimeter.



This colourful compact umbrella will make you stick out in a sea of dark umbrellas by day. By night this reflective umbrella will keep you safe by making sure you are visible to all. The compact umbrella is easy to use as it has an automatic opening and closing function. All you must do is press the button and the umbrella will open or close. When fully open the large umbrella has a diameter of 103 centimeters, which will keep you away from large raindrops. The design umbrella with its curved wooden handle will make it easy to grip. The beautiful umbrella with its bright yellow color and grey reflective stripe will make you feel both cool and fashionable. A yellow umbrella is the perfect gift for anyone who likes colourful things.

Yellow Compact Umbrella with Dark Grey Reflective Stripe and 10 panels.
High quality, black coated metal frame with two section fiberglass ribs.
Chrome coated metal shaft.
Curved wooden handle.
Button fastener.
Rain and Son logo sew on panel
Umbrella opens to a diameter of 103 cm.
Automatic opening and closing function.
Height closed: 36 cm
Height open: 68 cm.
Weight 435 gr.

Additional information

Weight 435 g
Dimensions 36 × 5 × 12 cm




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