Purple Compact Reflective Umbrella

698 kr

Rain & Son’s compact umbrella with a colourful purple panel and reflective stripe will keep you dry as well as safe in the dark. This purple compact umbrella is perfect for any occasion as you can easily bring it with you and take it out when it starts to rain. The compact umbrella has a large panel, black coated metal frame and wooden handle.



This beautiful reflective compact umbrella is an essential accessory to bring when rain is on the forecast. It is a chic umbrella as well as a sophisticated accessory to brighten up any rainy day. This is a colourful umbrella by day and by night it can turn into a lifesaver with the reflective stripe on the edge of the umbrella. The designed curved wooden handle assures a good grip. And the automatic opening and closing function makes the umbrella easy to use. When fully open the umbrella has a diameter of 103 centimeters, making the compact umbrella a good place to escape the rain. This compact reflective umbrella also features a strong frame, strong enough to hold off heavy rain and wind.

Purple Compact Umbrella with Dark Grey Reflective Stripe and 10 panels.
High quality, black coated metal frame with two section fiberglass ribs.
Chrome coated metal shaft.
Curved wooden handle.
Button fastener.
Rain and Son logo sew on panel
Umbrella opens to a diameter of 103 cm.
Automatic opening and closing function.
Height closed: 36 cm
Height open: 68 cm.
Weight 435 gr.

Additional information

Weight 435 g
Dimensions 36 × 5 × 12 cm




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