Purple and White Golf Umbrella

698 kr

It is well known that every real golfer needs a large golf umbrella as protection from rain on the golf course. This high-quality golf umbrella from Rain & Son is designed to keep you dry as well as to make you feel elegant while playing golf in the rain.



Rain & Son’s purple and white golf umbrella is a must have in every golfer’s bag for many reasons. The colourful golf umbrella, with fiberglass shaft and wooden handle, is a high quality and elegant golf accessory for both men and women. The big frame of the golf umbrella protects you from heavy rain while brining on your A game on the golf course. The classic style of this design golf umbrella adds grace and sophistication to your look. It is in short the perfect gift for the dedicated golfer who hits the golf course no matter the weather. When the golf umbrella is fully open it has a diameter of 135 centimeters and a height of 100 centimeters, in other words, the perfect sized golf umbrella.

Purple and White Golf Umbrella with 8 panels.
Double vented layers.
Automatic opening function.
High quality golf umbrella.
Fiberglas shaft and wooden handle.
Two button fasteners.
Umbrella opens to a diameter of 135 cm.
Height 100 cm.
Shaft width 1,5 cm.
Weight 710 gr.

Additional information

Weight 710 g
Dimensions 100 × 5 × 5 cm



Extra Large


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