Orange Compact Umbrella

698 kr

This orange compact umbrella is a colourful and stylish accessory for rainy days. The bright orange umbrella will make you visible in a sea of less colourful umbrellas. The large panel of the umbrella will protect you from heavy rain and the curved wooden handle adds sophistication to your look.



Rain & Son’s compact orange umbrella is a useful and stylish accessory for rainy days. When folded the umbrella is quite small and easy to bring in case of rain. The automatic opening and closing function make it fast and easy to get out when rain starts to fall. The compact umbrella has a curved wooden handle, making it comfortable to carry around. The wooden handle also adds sophistication to your look and the orange colour makes it stand out. When fully open the umbrella has a diameter of 103 centimeters making it the perfect hideout from rain. You can even fit more than one person under the large umbrella panel. The collapsible umbrella has a strong metal frame to endure bad weather. This is a high-quality umbrella at a good price.

Orange Foldable Designer Umbrella with 10 panels.
High quality umbrella.
Curved wooden handle with lacer logo.
Button fastener.
Umbrella opens to a diameter of 103 cm.
Automatic opening and closing function.
Chrome coated metal shaft.
Black coated metal frame with two section fiberglass ribs.
White nickel coated metal tips.
Plastic top with silk printing logo.
Woven label sew on panel
Height closed: 36 cm
Height open: 68 cm.
Weight 490 gr.
PMS Colour Code 166C

Additional information

Weight 490 g
Dimensions 36 × 5 × 12 cm




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