Recycled White Magnolia Wedding Umbrella

Rain & Son’s white floral print umbrella made from 100 % recycled PET material is a great choice for both nature and looks. The beautiful magnolia flowers on the recycled canopy can brighten up any dull and rainy day. The popular white umbrella with floral pattern makes the perfect gift for someone special in your life or to be used as an elegant wedding umbrella. It is a high-quality stick umbrella with wooden handle and shaft as well as a large frame to protect you from rain.



This is a classic recycled umbrella with a beautiful floral print on a white background. Best of all, it is a conscious choice as it is made from recycled PET material, also known as R-pet. The curved wooden handle and wooden shaft adds style to the classic umbrella. Details such as wooden button fastener makes it a luxury umbrella for all occasions. With its strong frame structure and beautiful design, our Rain & Son umbrella is the perfect combination of quality and style. If you are looking for where to buy a wedding umbrella to fit both bride and groom, look no further. This lovely umbrella will make both of you look elegant and stylish on your special day. When fully open this umbrella has a diameter of 103 centimeters, making it the prefect wedding umbrella to protect both groom and bride.

Vitt magnolia design Paraply med 12 ekrar.
Hög kvalitet Paraply.
Träskaft med ram i svart fiberglas.
Böjt handtag i trä med Rain & Son logotyp.
Spänne med knapp.
Nickel coated metal tips in silver color.
Trätopp med nickelbelagd topp i silverfärg.
Rain & Son logotyp på skärmen.
Paraply öppnas till en diameter av 103 centimeter.
Skaftets diameter 1.5 cm.
Höjd 89 cm.
Vikt 500 gram.
Suggestion to use this color for a bröllopsparaply.

Mer information

Vikt 500 g
Dimensioner 89 × 5 × 12 cm




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